Career Opportunities


Biostatisticians are professionals who apply mathematical skills and statistical analysis to perform comprehensive research in medicine, biology, life sciences and many other related fields. In a biostatistics career, your research may include analyzing the effectiveness of new drugs, understanding the risk factors associated with different illnesses, planning health care interventions, explaining biological phenomena and much more. If you like analyzing and processing information, forecasting scenarios and drawing conclusions using masterful analytic methods and software, this may be the perfect career for you.

Many leading CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world treat the development of public health as a high priority and have subsequently invested heavily in the development of new drugs and pharma products. Data provided by the US National Institute of Health indicates that the number of clinical studies performed worldwide grew from 10 thousand in 2004 to 300 thousand in 2019. This led to an increase in demand for professional biostatisticians who have the skills and experience required to perform statistical analysis during clinical trials and, as such, a career in biostatistics has become extremely attractive for graduate students in the United States and Europe. This unique opportunity, brought to students of Kharkiv National University by Intego.

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