Can I be removed from the program if I don’t meet ongoing requirements?

Yes, if you do not pass the midterm exam you will not be eligible to progress to the spring semester. There are also strict attendance policies in place for each course.

Will these classes conflict with my other classes?

No, this program is integrated into the university’s existing schedule. Most classes will be held in the evening, which will give professors from the United States an opportunity to teach classes via teleconference.

What are the English proficiency requirements?

All educational materials used on the course are in English and, as such, an intermediate level of English is required. Prior to starting the program you will need to pass our English test, which is intended for group distributions between intermediate or advanced levels.

Can I start classes in the spring semester?

Unfortunately our Biostatistical program is only open for registration in the fall.

Do you use eLearning modules or do I have to attend class?

You must attend all classes. We do offer some online lessons that you can use to advance/practice your skills, but these classes do not replace class time.

What language do you use to teach classes?

Professors will decide what language they choose to speak during class, but all presentations will be in the English language. The majority of our guest speakers are from the US and Europe and, as such, these classes will be solely conducted in the English language.

Who will teach classes?

Besides having professors from leading Ukrainian Universities, the program involves exceptionally professional biostatisticians who work for Intego Group. There will also be a number of guest speakers from prominent pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the United States.

What is the proportion of lectures vs. workshops?

To effectively balance the program, classes are distributed between lectures and workshops at a ratio of 50/50.

When do the classes start?

MidSeptember 2015

What is a SAS Base certificate? What do I need?

The SAS Base certificate is an internationally recognized credential that will allow our graduates access to significantly more job opportunities. We will pay for our students’ first attempt at the certification and will prepare students for the certification test. For more information about the certification, please visit:

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