General Questions


Why was Kharkov National University chosen for The Center for Biostatistical Programming?

Combining over 35 schools and departments, Kharkov National University is one of the oldest and highly reputable education institutions in Ukraine. Our program targets students who have gained a strong background in applied mathematics at the School of Mechanics and Mathematics. Biostatistics also requires knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and clinical trials; for these courses, we’ve invited professors from the university’s School of Medicine. We have also invited instructors from the School of Foreign Languages to improve students’ English language proficiency.

Must I be a full-time student?

Yes, you must be a full-time student to participate in this program.

What makes The Center for Biostatistical Programming’s Biostatistics Minor program different from other programs?

Our program is unique! This is the only biostatistical program in Eastern Europe in which students have the opportunity to both advance their skills in applied statistics and develop expertise in clinical SAS programming based on real-world projects. Experis and Intego Group have joined forces to provide students with their 30+ years of experience in the area of biostatistics and clinical trials analysis.

What recognition do I get from Kharkiv National University?

Students will receive a minor program certificate from Kharkiv National University and a certificate from The Center for Biostatistical Programming. Those who achieve a passing score of 70% or above on the certification exam, will have the opportunity to receive the SAS Base Programming for SAS 9 professional certificate from the SAS Institute

What if I no longer want to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical field?

No problem! Pharmaceutical applications are just part of the program. If you decide that the pharma industry isn’t for you, you will still gain a deep knowledge of SAS and statistical analysis that will open doors for you in many other industries, such as finance and banking, retail and logistics, and many others.

Is this a limited-access program?

Yes, due facility restrictions, the class size is limited to 15 students this year.

Why SAS?

SAS is internationally regarded and sets the industry standard in clinical trial analysis. It is also the only product that has been officially approved by the FDA as a format for clinical data. We have worked hard to foster an academic partnership between Kharkov National University and the SAS Institute and this relationship enables us to offer our students unique opportunities to become experts in the use of industry-standard software. You can find more information about the applications for SAS in the life science and other industries, at the following link.

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