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Mission and Vision
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The demand for effectively trained programmers, who have deep knowledge of statistics and strong analytical skills, continues to significantly increase as the result of the ongoing growth of the pharmaceutical industry. Combining over 30 years of experience in life science and pharmaceuticals, leading consulting companies Experis and Intego Group have joined forces to offer their unique expertise to Kharkiv National University in the form of a biostatistics minor program, a unique niche-oriented educational opportunity that aims to meet the needs of leading CROs and pharmaceutical companies.

Our minor in biostatistics is targeted at final-year graduate students who attend the School of Mechanics and Mathematics at Kharkiv National University. Students who apply for this program must have a strong mathematics background. Through attending a series of courses, students gain a comprehensive understanding of statistical methods in the context of clinical trial analysis, industry aims and standards; work in teams to perform clinical trial analysis and advance their communication skills; and develop expertise in clinical SAS programming activities that are based on real-world projects.

The goal of our Center for Biostatistical Programming is to bring curriculum, education resources and industry-specific knowledge in the area of biostatistics to the students of Kharkiv National University. We dedicate our efforts to maintaining an open and collaborative environment for industry leading companies, independent professionals, professors and students in which participants can openly share their knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical industry and biostatistics.

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