Besides senior professionals from Intego, who are heavily involved in the development of the curriculum and assessment of students’ progress, we have collaborated with three schools from the university: the School of Mechanics and Mathematics, the School of Medicine and the School of Foreign Languages. The School of Mechanics and Mathematics is considered to be the strongest math institution in Ukraine, which is precisely why the school’s master’s degree students were chosen to participate in our program. Biostatistics also requires specific knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and clinical trials; for these courses we’ve invited assistance from professors from the School of Medicine. We have also invited instructors from the School of Foreign Languages to improve students’ English language proficiency as part of the program.

The philosophy of our center is to support open communication and collaboration between students and industry leaders, as well as to provide our students with skills and expertise that are in high demand. That’s why, in 2013, an official academic partnership was established between Kharkiv National University and the SAS Institute that provides a unique opportunity for our program to incorporate best-in-class software solutions that are considered to be the de facto standard in biostatistical programming.

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