Internship and Further Employment


What types of career opportunities are available to a program graduate?

There are many options available in industry or academia in a variety of professions including biostatisticians, research analysts, system analysts and many more. The Center for Biostatistical Programming also offers paid internships and further employment for the majority of our best-performing students.

Is there an internship opportunity?

The highest performers will be offered an opportunity to complete a three-month paid internship with a renowned pharmaceutical company. Here students will be able to apply the skills they’ve learned to real-world problems.

Is there an employment opportunity after the internship?

After completing a three-month paid internship Intego Group will offer full-time employment opportunities to the best performing interns based on recommendations from the interns’ mentors.

Who will mentor me?

Highly educated personnel from Intego Group will mentor students. All of our mentors have extensive experience in the area of biostatistics and clinical trial analysis. Some students may also be provided with an opportunity to be mentored by exclusive clients of Intego Group.

How many hours must I dedicate to the internship?

The internship will be eight hours a day, five days a week. Participants will also be expected to attend an extra hour-long session every day during which they will complete additional English language lessons.

Does the internship guarantee employment?

The internship does not guarantee employment but it is a great way to develop extensive skills and experience in a practical setting, something that will significantly enhance your resume.

In the event that I am not offered an internship and/or further employment, what options do I have?

In collaboration with the university’s Career Center, we assist the rest of our students to identify a suitable first job or internship. A total of 90.5% of our graduates from the 2020-2021 academic year either successfully secured internships or found a job immediately after graduation.

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